DWP: August 17

A bare speaker cone hanging down, with glow-stick bracelets encricling it. A card tag hangs off it, showing a catrtoon figure holding a speaker to their chest, and the words "hold to chest" are written beside it.

Today is Rachel Pollack‘s birthday, so today’s prompt is tarot related. If you don’t have a tarot deck, you can use a playing card deck (have a google -there’s loads of sites explaining it), or you can use any of the free online tarot sources to pull some cards. Draw 3 cards; the first one is the subject of your poem/writing, the second is the spirit or energy of how you’ll write about it and the third gives a tension or conclusion; some kind of relationship to the first card. For example, I just drew the Wheel of Fortune, the Knight of Wands, and Judgement. So I’m writing something about luck, chance or destiny in a way that is energetic and contains adventure. Tension is created by thinking about how actions may be judged, how judgement and choice impacts fortune.

The invitation is very much to see the cards as a starting point and be flexible in your interpretation. You might write about yourself, about a fictional or real other person, about a movement.. Or you can just pull one card and spend some time really looking at the imagery and see what that inspires you to write. Or you can explore any of Rachel Pollack’s graphic novel work and other writing, and start from a line of dialogue or something else that intrigues you.

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