I am a multi-disciplinary artist working mostly in live performance contexts. I’ve got an eclectic background in theatre and art practice, and I tend to follow whatever’s flirting with me most in the moment. I’m currently undertaking a doctoral research project investigating improvisatory performance practices as an ethical way to meet the queer/unruly dead – specifically Mary Frith.

My work with Improbable as Open Space Producer, and on other Improbable projects, means I’m constantly being introduced to new methods, ideas and directions. I try to say yes to these as much as possible and see where I end up. This wilful dilettantism makes it hard to sum up exactly what I do, but curiosity and a meaningful conversation with the world underpin whatever I make.


Major Retrospective

This is my first piece working with E. Mallin Parry as performance duo The ELMS. Mallin and I have worked together – and been friends – for two decades. We figured it was time to find out what happened when we made some theatre together. SL and Mal met at art school in 2001 and […]

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Notes to the Forgotten She-Wolves

Moll Frith is back at Shakespeare’s Globe SW Playhouse. Following Moll and the Future Kings last March, I’ve been commissioned to create a monologue to and about Moll as part of Notes to the Forgotten She-Wolves. Details and booking info are all over on the Globe website. shakespearesglobe.com/whats-on/forgotten-she-wolves [Header pic by E. Mallin Parry]

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