I am a multi-disciplinary artist working mostly in live performance contexts. I’ve got an eclectic background in theatre and art practice, and I tend to follow whatever’s flirting with me most in the moment. I’m currently undertaking a doctoral research project investigating improvisatory performance practices as an ethical way to meet the queer/unruly dead – specifically Mary Frith.

I try to say yes to these as much as possible and see where I end up. This wilful dilettantism makes it hard to sum up exactly what I do, but curiosity and a meaningful conversation with the world underpin whatever I make. Recent work includes writing poetry, facilitating creative workshops, training as an Audio Describer, writing a monologue for Shakespeare’s Globe, co-running an online channel and group for Queer folks, drag performance, and producing Through the Door; improvisation workshops for women and non-binary people, run by Angela Clerkin at ClerkinWorks.

You can read my poetry on Instagram @sl.grange

Current projects:

Poetry performance at Bar Wotever

In the centre is the sun, and around it is a big halo of light through hazey sky, a pale rainbow circle.

Poetry Wales pamphlet competition

My poetry pamphlet Bodies and Other Haunted Houses has been selected as the winner of the Poetry Wales Pamphlet competition, and will be published in February 2022. Huge thanks to Poetry Wales and all the judges for choosing my work.