I write for and in all sorts of different contexts – for stage and opera performance, stand-alone poetry, text in the landscape, in collaboration with fine artists, improvised and considered.

3FF – Singing Our Lives

Creating songs with refugees and migrants for 3FF and the Mixed Up Chorus.

Breathing Under Water

A poetry-photography collaboration with Emma Ronay

Fleet Footing

An audio treasure hunt along the lost Fleet River, created with composer Catherine Kontz

Landscape Poetry

Playing with words in landscapes

Notes to the Forgotten She-Wolves

A dramatic short created as part of the Notes to the Forgotten She-Wolves series at Shakespeare’s Globe

Singing Our Lives 2018

Creating songs with asylum seekers, migrants and members of the Mixed Up Chorus.

Tegumai's Tales

Libretto for a music-theatre adaptation of some of Kipling’s Just So Stories, composed by Paul Ayres.

The Observatory

An opera about astrophysicist Annie Jump Cannon, made with and for Deaf and hearing people.