Sound Art

Listening is really important to me, my work and the processes I find most fruitful. I’ve long been noodling about with different ways to cultivate and explore listening with and through the body, across time, and imaginatively. What does this even mean? For a couple of examples, have a look at Fleet Footing – an audio treasure hunt or sonic walk I made with composer Catherine Kontz that asks participants to listen to a lost river. Or take a look at The Observatory/ A Quite Life; an opera made with and for D/deaf and hearing artists and audiences that has a kind of synaesthetic approach to sound and listening – interpreting music into visual and haptic signals. I’ve also included a bunch of other examples of smaller projects and experiments I’ve made in sonic/listening practices in the spirit of showing my working out, if you like..

I also explore listening in other ways, including facilitation, and my T’ai chi practice, which isn’t included here but you can find out more about that over at my teacher’s website.

Fleet Footing

Fleet Footing is now live! Go download the album and map, get your headphones and walking boots on, and go find that river.. I’m so excited about this new project with composer Catherine Kontz. It’s been brewing for a few years, and we are extra-pleased to be funded by the PRSF Women Make Music award, […]

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Bringing together musicians and songwriters Jo Silverstone and Jeannie Skelly, writer, performance-maker and sound artist Sarah Grange, scenographer and visual artist Ellan Parry, and dancer-choreographer / live art practitioner Janine Fletcher, Sundogs is a cross-disciplinary adventure into artistic terra incognita. Our first project is Snowblind. Part music gig, part installation, part dance, part theatre, Snowblind is a voyage into […]

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The Observatory

A multi-sensory opera for people who can hear and people who can’t. Annie is an astronomer. She knows all about time and space, but she isn’t so sure about life and death. And she’s just gone deaf. Inspired by the life of astronomer Annie Jump-Cannon, I worked with composer Stephen Bentley-Klein to create a new […]

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To listen in on the other ways in which I’ve been exploring sonic art, click the Audio tag in categories.