I’ve worked in theatre for over a decade, and like to explore all aspects of live work. I’ve performed (mainly in live-art contexts), written, devised, directed and produced live work.

Fleet Footing

An audio treasure hunt along the lost Fleet River, created with composer Catherine Kontz

Major Retrospective

A new piece as part of new performance project The ELMS

Moll and the Future Kings

Moll Frith, Drag Kings and improvisation at Shakespeare’s Globe

Poetry performance at Bar Wotever

Looking down onto the wooden deck of a ship, with red vent pipes and a black railing around the edge. In the centre of the deck a figure is lyng down, almost completely hidden under and inside ca crumpled paper garment. One leg sticks out the bottom - it is a white persons leg, bare up to the knee and then wearing black trousers above. Some water reflecting blur sky is visible beyond the deck and railings.


Site-specific gig-theatre about the search for the North-West passage and the colonisation of the Arctic.

The History Bois: A Drag King Take-Over

A week-long drag king takeover of The Spire, as part of Brighton Fringe 2020

The Observatory

An opera about astrophysicist Annie Jump Cannon, made with and for Deaf and hearing people.