I facilitate Open Space events with Improbable, as well as running workshops on other creative processes; writing, drawing, devising, dreaming, and general mentoring. I believe anyone can tap into their innate ability to express themselves through mark-making – drawing and writing – if they are given support to let go of inhibitions. If you’re interested in having a workshop, just get in touch to talk about what you need and I can draw on a variety of media and approaches to suit you.

A white board with lots of different handwriting sharing the word "friendship" in many languages and alphabets.

3FF – Singing Our Lives

Creating songs with refugees and migrants for 3FF and the Mixed Up Chorus.

A concrete hut sits on overgrown grass somewhere wild. The shelter has a steeply sloping roof, slanting down from a sharp apex on the far left. of the image. Bright sunlight coming from directly behind the shelter makes a shadow that reaches towards the front of the picture. To the right of the shelter an uneven edge to the land and the prow of a small boat imply there is ocean beyond. The shelter has a doorway open in the left half of the visible wall. It is dark inside, just about possible to make out rough brickwork, and something like a bunch of drying herbs hanging from the lintel. On the expanse of concrete wall to the right of the doorway, crude chalk writing reads "you'll know what to do"

Daily Writing Prompts

I’m running this project to give myself and you a prompt every day to develop a regular writing practice. These will be mostly thinking about poetry writing but of course, you can use them however you like. The focus will be on taking inspiration from Queer and Feminist history, aiming to include and represent from … Continue reading Daily Writing Prompts

Singing Our Lives 2018

Creating songs with asylum seekers, migrants and members of the Mixed Up Chorus.

The History Bois: A Drag King Take-Over

A week-long drag king takeover of The Spire, as part of Brighton Fringe 2020

Writing on the Walls

A mark-making workshop for adults who think they can’t draw.