I facilitate Open Space events with Improbable, as well as running workshops on other creative processes; writing, drawing, devising, dreaming, and general mentoring. I believe anyone can tap into their innate ability to express themselves through mark-making – drawing and writing – if they are given support to let go of inhibitions. If you’re interested in having a workshop, just get in touch to talk about what you need and I can draw on a variety of media and approaches to suit you.

3FF – Singing Our Lives

Creating songs with refugees and migrants for 3FF and the Mixed Up Chorus.

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Singing Our Lives 2018

After last year’s amazing project working with community choir groups and refugees, I was back on the Together Productions team for a second go. This time we wrote one new song – with 150 people! The resulting piece is called Sembo! and is a journey from isolation and fear, through to a united call for […]

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Writing on the Walls

A mark-making workshop for up to 25 participants. Working with graphite, our bodies and our impulses to quieten our inner critics and make uninhibited marks freed from the constraints of the page.

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