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  • Fleet Footing

    Fleet Footing

    I’m so excited about this new project with composer Catherine Kontz. It’s been brewing for a few years, and we are extra-pleased to be funded by the PRSF Women Make Music award, and supported by Tête à Tête – launching as part of their Opera Festival 2018. The project is an audio dream guiding you along […]

  • Writing on the Walls

    I facilitated a workshop for Doctoral students and other guests at Brighton University as part of a two-day programme exploring Undisciplined Methods. Drawing on Lynda Barry and various other automatic writing, meditation and improvisation techniques, the workshop enabled 20+ people from a variety of academic and practice backgrounds to co-operatively create a large-scale drawing. The […]

  • Landscape Poetry Experiments

    I’ve been looking for ways to get away from the page or screen with my writing, where it gets a bit precious and fiddly. Whilst in the Welsh hills, I thought I’d try out some ideas about text in landscapes. The results are below – it’s an interesting start but I’d love to get back out […]

  • Haptic Hearing

    It’s been a noisy few weeks for me, as I sand and drill and build in my home. This experience of sound as something tangible, physical, is helping me form ideas for a new opera project with composer Stephen Bentley Klein and Tete-A-Tete. Looking at astronomer Annie Jump Cannon; whose life work was the cataloguing […]

  • Sound Map Journal

    Some images from an ongoing journal I keep in which I attempt to map the sound as I experience it.     

  • Audio-Historical Panorama

    This is a work in progress exploring London sounds that have become extinct. Using the language of civic monument or communication, I attempt to bring these elements of the past back to life in the imagination of the viewer. Ultimately, I would see this as a public artwork positioned on parliament hill alongside the extant […]

  • A Dance For The Ears

    Sound Art is about more than recording. Here is a piece that asks the viewer to respond and listen. (Click on the picture for a full view).