Writing on the Walls

I facilitated a workshop for Doctoral students and other guests at Brighton University as part of a two-day programme exploring Undisciplined Methods. Drawing on Lynda Barry and various other automatic writing, meditation and improvisation techniques, the workshop enabled 20+ people from a variety of academic and practice backgrounds to co-operatively create a large-scale drawing. The […]

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Kraken Arts

I’m embarking on a new project with illustrator and writer Viviane Schwarz, and theatre designer Ellan Parry. We’re offering workshops for all ages on all sorts of exciting creative processes. Find out more here: http://krakenart.co.uk

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Opera performance and a blog..

It’s been a busy August with our second development stage of The Observatory (previously A Quiet Life) – my new multi-sensory opera for people who can hear and people who can’t. This time round the focus was one completing Stephen Bentley-Klein’s score, and allowing choreographer Mark Smith more time to develop the sign language element of […]

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A Quiet Life

I’m working on a new kind of opera. Go here to find out more about it. A multi-sensory work exploring ways of hearing, A Quiet Life will be performed as part of Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival, August 11th & 12th. Go here for info and tickets. Enjoy!

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