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  • Fleet Footing

    Fleet Footing

    I’m so excited about this new project with composer Catherine Kontz. It’s been brewing for a few years, and we are extra-pleased to be funded by the PRSF Women Make Music award, and supported by Tête à Tête – launching as part of their Opera Festival 2018. The project is an audio dream guiding you along […]

  • Opera performance and a blog..

    It’s been a busy August with our second development stage of The Observatory (previously A Quiet Life) – my new multi-sensory opera for people who can hear and people who can’t. This time round the focus was one completing Stephen Bentley-Klein’s score, and allowing choreographer Mark Smith more time to develop the sign language element of […]

  • Jurassic Technology

    I’m currently in Los Angeles, where I visited the Museum of Jurassic Technology. I can’t really describe it, so you should have a look at the website: I recorded the following sound whilst there. The Museum itself is quite labyrinthine, and I follwed this sound through several rooms before I tracked down the source. […]

  • stella* Online Chain

    This week I’m responding to Abigail copeland on the stella* website. Generating work from both sides of the Atlantic, we are continuing our collaboration online by making public responses to each other’s work. I’ve been using Garage Band and a series of digital audio-manipulations to create a piece of ‘music’ in response to Abbey’s thoughts […]

  • Skara Brae

    On a recent visit to the far north of Scotland, I found myself crossing the Atlantic to the Orkneys. Having studied archaeology as a teenager, the islands have long held a fascination for me. This odd outpost of the British Isles is full of pre-historic monuments, better preserved than many on the more populous and […]

  • Golems for Am Gallery

    Over at Am Gallery I’m this weeks artist in the Digital Chain, responding to Tim Spooner’s video and thinking about golems. I was interested by the idea that golems can’t talk, and the sound of what seemed to be a hairdryer appearing fleetingly in Tim’s video made me think about the everyday golems in our houses: […]

  • Uncertainty

    I’ve been thinking a lot recently about uncertainty and its uses. Working with stella* on our performance about astrophysics, it occurred to us that uncertainty can be a powerful creative tool. Scientists have to maintain a healthy level of uncertainty so that they keep questioning hypotheses and generating increasingly rigorous investigations. As artists, we also […]

  • Piezzo Pick Ups

    I’ve been playing with my new piezzo pick ups. These work by recording the vibrations of the surface on which they are placed, rather than recording airwaves like regular mics. The following recordings are the surface of the sofa, a towel and a radiator. leather sofa Towel Radiator grille

  • Museum Time Shifts

    Two manipulated responses to museum space. First is a recording taken in the V&A Middle Eastern & Islamic gallery. Splitting and looping the left and right audio tracks, one has been gradually sped up, whilst the other has been gradually slowed down. The resulting echoes, re-echoes and distortions highlight the acoustic experience of the gallery, […]

  • Urban Dance Interventions

    Some recordings from a series made in collaboration with Irish dancer David Bellwood. These impromptu dances are recorded in various parts of London, and are concerned with questions of tradition and diaspora, as well as investigating the effect of urban architecture on the dancer’s body. Dance is a form of thought for the dancer, and […]