DWP: August 25

Ess stands on a grassy bank of a stream, wearing a green hoodie, leather jacket, cut-off denim shorts, black leggings and green wellies. They are a white human with short brown curly hair. They are holding both ends of a long strip of white paper or fabric which has caught in the wind and is twisting, looping and blowing away from them to the right, out over the stream.

It’s stormy and windy today, so I’m thinking about power – the power of wind and weather is very present and obvious right now, blowing over objects and kicking up the river into waves, shoving the trees around. There are other kinds of power in the environment too – slow erosion, or small green shoots pushing up through the ground and disrupting or changing their surroundings.

Notice what kinds of power are at play around you and on you – what are the obvious visible or tangible forces, like strong winds or national politics? What are the more subtle forms of power you might need to look or listen more closely to find? They might be positive or negative. What kinds of power do you have in your body, your mind, your words? Write something that pits two forces against each other to find out how they work, or explore how a powerful force feels for you – you might try investigating and harnessing some power that feels alien or unattainable to you right now. Imagine the shape and weight and energy of the power you would like to hold. Write it into being, write it into your body and/or your environment.

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