DWP: August 14

A rough dirty white wall and floor green with moss and mould. 5 strips of black paper are assembled around a circular block of stone or cement. On the stone are some piees of chalk and charcoal. The black papers have various drawings or words on them - a white chalk moon, a bare footprint in chalk, other symbols or letters that are not legible.

On August 14 1792, enslaved peoples from plantations in Saint-Domingue , marked the start of the Haitian Revolution with a Vodou ceremony led by mambo Cécile Fatiman and houngan Dutty Boukman at Bois Caïman. The uprising would go on to be the only rebellion by enslaved peoples to result in a state free from slavery.

Today’s prompt is to write yourself a ritual or process for change – it could be very personal or it could be global. It could be a ritual you actually perform or it could be more like a recipe or instructions for someone else, or for your past or future self. Or, you might follow a ritual or process and then write about it afterwards, or you might write about a time of change or events that led to change for you.

My response: I wrote a ritual for fighting back. It felt good.

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