DWP: August 8

A wild beach with a ragged cliff in the left-hand distance, and a sky blue with soft white clouds. A single figure stands some way off, at the water's edge, their form reflected in the the wet sand.

I’ve been reading about lots of AFAB warrior queens (having long had an obsession with female pirates), so today’s prompt is inspired by Queen Amina and others. Amina was a Hausa warrior queen in the city state of Zazzau, now north-west Nigeria. You might also like to check out Gráinne Ní Mháille, Sayyida al Hurra, Boudicca, Cheng Shi/ i Sao and Rani Lakshmibai. I was particularly struck by Amina’s first announcement as ruler; a call for her people to “resharpen their weapons.” Amina is still celebrated in song.

So the prompt is: write about what you are resharpening your weapons for – what’s your protest, anger or power centred around? Or, where in your life would you like a sharper blade – a more incisive or precise understanding? Or, write a ballad for the warrior/pirate queen of your choice, or imagine/celebrate yourself as a warrior and commemorate your own feats and battles.

My response: I wrote a protest in the form of instructions for sharpening a blade – what to sharpen it on and what to do with it once resharpened.

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