DWP: August 7

A palm print made with black ink or paint on white paper.

I just read Kae Tempest’s beautiful announcement about their name change and gender identity. In the post, Kae talks about their new name being a name for Jay birds – I’m copying this directly cos it’s so nice: “It’s pronounced like the letter K. It’s an old English word that means jay bird. Jays are associated with communication, curiosity, adaptation to new situations and COURAGE which is the name of the game at the moment. It can also mean jackdaw which is the bird that symbolises death and rebirth. Ovid said the jackdaw brought the rain. Which I love. It has its roots in the Latin word for rejoice, be glad and take pleasure.” (From their Facebook page).

So today’s prompt is to write something about your true name – the secret name (or names) that maybe you don’t even know what it is yet. Or to write about a bird that represent or displays qualities that interest you (love or hate!). Or to look up the root of a name and see where that takes you (try https://www.etymonline.com/)

My response: I wrote a kind of spell for how to find your true name. I might try it out..

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