DWP: August 6

A low hill of rough grass with a slightly cloudy sky above it. A telephone wire and pole sit top left. In the centre is a small white trailer with a closed hatch and the word "l'oasis" handpainted on it in faded rainbow colours. Various bits of discarded fence post and tarpaulin lie around it.

#DailyWritingPrompt for today:

On August 6 1926, New Yorker Gertrude ‘Trudy’ Ederle became the first woman to swim the English Channel, a task previously thought impossible for a woman to achieve. Whilst I’d never impose a sexuality or gender identity on someone else, I think it’s interesting that she never married and lived all her life with a group of female friends in NYC.

The prompt: Write some form of tribute to Ederle’s cross-channel swim; or write about a time you were immersed in water and something shifted for you; or write about a challenge you’ve overcome, using water as a metaphor within the piece.

My response: I wrote about the effort of the body striving to reach the shore. Pretty obvious metaphor! but I enjoyed some things around repetition and rhythm, thinking about how I feel when I swim hard, the feeling of getting through it.

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