PhD Research project

In October 2018 I started a practice-based PhD at Brighton Uni, funded by TECHNE and supervised by Dr Kate Aughterson, Prof. Deborah Philips and Dr Andy Kesson (he’s at Roehampton). It’s about being in love with someone who’s been dead for 360 years, and trying to meet her through improvisation. It takes in an emerging strand of queer theory called Wildness, some queer historiography, a lots of Early Modern London/theatre/life research, and of course some impro – Improbable are my research partner.

2 responses to “PhD Research project”

  1. Hi Sarah. I have just realised we met at the conflux ‘art performance an the sonorous’ and thought I would say hello…I am doing the ’23 things for research thing’ too. Hope to catch up again soon. Lizz

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