Haiku Fortnight

I’m currently taking part in a Haiku Fortnight Challenge. For two weeks, I’ve been writing a Haiku a day. Here are the results so far:


Shifty pigeons and

Spider-light threads drift through the

Incontinent sky



A tanker slides past

I hear engines through my feet

Thames talks in tremors



An aeroplane, high,

Passes, scars the perfect blue

As the wind changes



Wake up to birdsong

The clean morning, dew laden

Washes me with light.



Absolute silence,

A long low inkblot of trees,

Broken by birdwings



Trains clatter above

Bright flowers shake fragile heads

Trembling defiance



Small dogs chase pigeons

Boats nose into the ebb tide

A summer swan song



Light against my palm

The leaf, promise fulfilled, keeps

Ochre remembrance

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