Golems for Am Gallery

Over at Am Gallery I’m this weeks artist in the Digital Chain, responding to Tim Spooner’s video and thinking about golems.

I was interested by the idea that golems can’t talk, and the sound of what seemed to be a hairdryer appearing fleetingly in Tim’s video made me think about the everyday golems in our houses: inanimate objects made animate by humans. I threw this together in response – it’a a sort of audio sketch, if you like. It’s a conversation between a hairdryer and kettle, with a bit of time-shifting applied to it. By the final section, you can almost hear human voices in it. I recorded the sounds using piezzo pick-up microphones, so the sounds are the vibrations from within the household golems rather than the audio you pick up through the air when you listen to them ordinarily. It is made to be listened to through headphones.

am gallery golem

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