Museum Time Shifts

Two manipulated responses to museum space.

First is a recording taken in the V&A Middle Eastern & Islamic gallery. Splitting and looping the left and right audio tracks, one has been gradually sped up, whilst the other has been gradually slowed down. The resulting echoes, re-echoes and distortions highlight the acoustic experience of the gallery, as well as documenting and interpreting the different attitudes of the visitors heard responding to the space and the exhibits. Both left and right tracks picked up someone humming or singing to themselves, one tunelessly, slightly bored; the other hummed a fragment of a prayer call whilst contemplating an exhibit.

Second is a selection of different ticks from the gallery of clocks at the science museum. These have been overlapped and time-shifted, exploring the idea that time is relative, not absolute, and thinking about ideas of the quality of time; visiting museums is a way of attaching value to time, being seen (or heard) to ‘spend time well’.

(Headphones are recommended).


science museum response

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